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Our Original Side by Side
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Manufactured by us after seeing some old pictures from the 1800's where the originals had a crank either side of the bike, this resulted in lots of bent cranks on the original and later on the Buddy Bikes, we have made the improvement of adding extra bearings and raising the pedal train to stop pedal strike while going round the corners.
Getting on is a breeze but it usually takes a couple of starts to get used to the steering, then its away you go! It feels strange going up and down as you turn corners, I would rate this one of my favourite rides out of all my bikes. People who are within about 20-30kgs of each other find this easier to ride. This has proved so popular that we were commissioned to build another bike as a Christmas Present. It is significantly more social to ride side by side, rather than one behind the other as on a normal tandem, travelling as Passenger and having no steering is also a challenge.

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